Executive Summary

The roadmap is a consolidated report on 545 current and planned smart services and initiatives by Strategic Partners.

The Roadmap culminates in a clear set of initiatives and services for city-wide implementation. Contributions from other government entities, the private sector and the public will exponentially increase initiatives and services.

The Roadmap exercise has more than double the number of Smart City initiatives and services planned by the Dubai Government.

The new additions are in general more integrated across entities and more sophisticated according to smart city maturity models than earlier services and initiatives.

The first wave of initiatives and services launched under the roadmap will target the enabling dimensions of smart city development.

Initiatives and services supporting the Smart Governance, Smart ICT infrastructure, and Smart Mobility (flows of people, goods, and capital) dimensions will form the framework for future initiatives and services.

The second wave of initiatives and services, to be delivered from mid-2016 until late 2017, will support Dubai’s ambition to establish itself as a global leader in the Smart Economy and Smart Living dimensions.

Many of these have the added benefit of positive spillover influence on growth of the Smart Environment and Smart People dimensions.