The Roadmap is the foundation for a collective index of current and future smart initiatives and services in the city

The Roadmap is a dynamic catalogue of all current and planned initiatives and services representing the first phase of contributions from government and private sector entities towards accomplishing the mission of Smart Dubai.

With data from the Current State report and the Blueprint we collected the current scope of existing and planned initiatives and services from participating entities.

Using the Global Benchmark report to identify gaps and opportunities, we shortlisted additional new initiatives and services to be lead by strategic partners from the Global Benchmark and other sources.

We applied a four-dimensional assessment matrix to analyze, map and rank identified initiatives and services.

All current, planned and future initiatives and services were assessed based on launch date; implementation status; impact level; Smart Dubai pillar alignment; Smart Dubai dimension alignment; focus area; category; target benefits and operational KPIs. Initiative and service ownership and contributors were also considered.

We allocated select future initiatives and services to participating entities for discussion.

We conducted workshops with each entity to build the roadmap collaboratively.

Strategic partners representing eight government entities and two smart districts contributed to the first Roadmap.